Those darn cats (motion detection)


Ok, so I married a lovely girl and wouldnt you know it, she came with 2 cats.

Is there anyway to get good occupancy sensors that will work with cats?
I have thought about IR, lasers, pressure sensors, etc but havent come up with a good solution.
I like the idea of pressure sensors, house is pier and beam, but havent found any that really look like they can do the job.

Any suggestions?

I asked the cat POLITELY not to wake me up by turning on the lights too often. Now she only does it once a night...... sells the Sura Action pressure sensors, not sure if they are on the site yet, but they are designed to ignore pets up to 60lbs I believe. I am in the process of install mine, there is a lot of cool stuff you can do with this.
Knowling cats, they will probably jump up and down at the same time, just to trip the pressure sensor. :p

Alarm techs (and all normal, intelligent people) HATE cats! :) (let the flames begin) :D

Seriously, cats and motion detectors don't get along well. Because cats jump and climb, the "pet alley" detectors tend to false with them. And some of them are so active that they fool the detectors with adjsutable sensativity thresholds. Not saying that it can't be done, just that it won't be easy.
Jumping shouldn't trigger them at all, that's the beauty of this system. I will try to get this install finished asap, and do a review.
You haven't met my old cat have you :) Anything is possible when it comes to these animals, my first cat kept jumping up and down on my flatbed scanner on my desk in order to get it down (and it worked).
I didnt see them on the site.
How much did they cost?

Please let me know how well they work!

Are you using them for security or for just turning on and off lights? I bought a few occupancy sensors a couple of weeks ago to experiment with lighting control. I have 2 cats and had the same problem but since these occupancy sensors were not for security I was able to come up with a simple solution.
First I found the best spot in the room were human traffic was most prevalent and 'high' spots where the cats would jump up to was at a minimal. Then I masked off the 'high' and 'low' areas, with respect to the sensor, that I couldn't rid with the placement of the sensor to avoid cat traffic. This solved more than 95% percent of the problem and I found this acceptable.