Tim Who?!?


Well, I've posted a few times, so I should introduce myself too. I have no home automation stuff, I don't like it, and have no interest in any of it, I'm just here because Dan threatened me, and forced me to do it. In fact, he may even be typing this for me, for all I know! LOL

Ok, back to reality. I have an interest in home automation, just no cash. Losing my job in May things are tight. I do have a few toys and gadgets I've picked up, and at one time did have an X10 security system. I wish I would have kept it! I have a couple cams I play with from time to time, and mess around on my computer network, editing videos etc. One day I plan to have a little more automation stuff, until then I'll read about what everyone else has, and wish I could be like Dan. After all, everyone wants to be like Dan! :lol:

My bio is as follows: High School, Jefferson in Monroe Michigan. College: ITT Tech, Fort Wayne Indiana. I have 2 degrees, Associates in EET (Electronics Engineering Technology) and a Bachelor in AMT (Automated Manufacturing Technology). I was also a CET (Certified Electronics Technician) however that certificate has expired. I love technology, and gadgets!
Now if I really was holding a gun against your head, do you think I would let you type all that non-sense? :lol:
I will just let you do the talking, it should explain to people what the real problem is here :lol: