Time to buy a new high-end DVD player..... help¿


Any sugesstions? I really don't want to spend a G-note on a deck but the only ones that do what I want are $1000 plus....

I want it to play EVERYTHING. dvd/dvd-hd/cd/cdr/sacd etc... I currently have three players that cover each of the formats and that's aproaching ridiculous (sp?) not to mention the wife issues...

Any guidance greatly appreciated..

This is the player I would buy if money were no object... Denon - DVD3910B $1299 ;)
Have you though about selling the three that you have to try and make some money for that Denon. I own a cheaper Denon DVD Player and a Denon Receiver and i like them both alot.
Yeah, I could recoup some money from them but it is hard to sell a any dvd player when the average Joe can buy what 'he' thinks is a quality player for $60 at Sam's....
If its not too late you might want to check out the I_O Data LinksPlayer2 on this board and the AVS forum. TechTooth pointed me to it and it sure has the functionality for now and the future at the right price.
I was going to buy the high-end Denon as well but have changed my mind and ordered the LinksPlayer2.
If you're looking for that kind of functionality have you thought about building an HTPC?

With the right combination of hardware and software you could build a box that does everything you need and more and allows for future upgrades as new tech comes down the pipe.

My only warning is that it can be a dark road fraught with perils and heartache. But at the end of the day, when it's all up and running, you've got a wicked cool one-box-does-everything setup.

Men will cheer!, women will swoon and babies will smile. And then you'll futz with it and have to start over, but I'd still recommend looking into it if you haven't.