Time to Spend some Money


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Okay I've gotten allot of gift certificates for AutomatedOutlet.com. So I've got about $300 to spend, while not a tremendous budget I think I could get something pretty cool. I have been thinking of a couple of things such as
Or perhaps I could start my whole house audio?

The problem is I can't make up my mind. I'm sure there are other items I'm not thinking about...So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If you wind up getting the Ocelot remember that it requires a PSC05 or TW523 power line interface for controlling X-10 devices.

Also, there are other modules you may want to consider getting with it such as a digital input/output module (SECU16).
For $300.00 you could buy a friend for oh. . . say 3 months!
Just think! Someone to call and discuss your HA ideas with!
Someone who will say " Go for it!" and not ask "And just HOW MUCH is this new toy going to cost US?!"

I'm here for ya, Buddy! :D
That sounded a little G.... If it were me i would save that $300 until martin get in his 3way z-wave wall switches. Or second i would buy a good Quality camera that wakes awesome pictures in very low light. Third would be the ocelot but only to be able to say that i have one. I probably wouldnt actually use it.
Nah, just could use the money!

What you got against an Ocelot?
(Once you try one you'll never go back.)

As far as new project ideas, etc., I'm having a lot of fun with some of my new camera stuff. It amazes me what you can now do with them and how low price a lot of this stuff has become.
What type of cameras are you using and what are you doing with them? If I was going to use them for security what esle would I need to record the action beside the cameras.