TiVo Gets Huge Horsepower Boost


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TiVo and other digital video recorders will get a serious boost in horsepower later this year as manufacturers start selling DVRs that can record high-definition television programming.

Several of the new, more robust high-definition DVRs will sport 250-GB hard drives -- enough room to store 30 hours of high-definition programming or about 200 hours of standard broadcast

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I currently only have 11 High-Def channels from Comcast...still waiting on Fox, WB to get High-Def channels here. But I think it's definetely something worth looking into in the future.
4 tuner inputs? nice! $999 is a little steep tho, considering they will give you a free dish/receivers, installed, all free, I guess they included that in the cost.
I couldn't stand the quality of the COmcast cable and the user interface is horrible so I went back to DISH and not regretting it. I still use Comcast for the internet though. I'm getting about a 3 MB pipe from them most of the time.