Tivo Lifetime Subscription about to end

Wow, thanks for the heads up, I haven't tracked any Tivo forums recently. I recently activated one of the two series 2 Tivos I got for free from a electronics expo, and I think I may turn that into a lifetime tonight.

The second one is going on ebay with two 120 GB drives in it. I would like to use a third tivo, but want to wait for Series 3.

Thanks again for sharing the info!
With a 23 month payback, it made sense for me (I have 2 and have had them for possibly as long as 3-4 years now).
I agree 100%. I have my original series 1 Tivo that I purchased in 2000. It still has live news footage (real time before, during and after collapse) from 9/11. I still haven't figured out what made Tivo begin to record it, but it did it without me there.

The subscription has paid for itself many times over. Although using $6.99/month for the other models, I think the payback period is a bit longer, but I don't have the info on the lifetime cost in front of me.
Here's one more tidbit of info on this...

Even though the date has passed, you still can purchase the gift cards for the lifetime subscriptions at retailers. They will probably be relatively hard to find, but if you do find them, they are good for two years, and can be used for the future Series 3 subs.