TiVoToGo is now available!


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It looks like TiVo finally rolled out TiVoToGo(tm), as the service is now available for purchase. TiVo has begun to update stand alone TiVo Series 2 units. TiVoToGo allows a TiVo owner to take their recorded shows on the road using your laptop. Tivo 2 DVD recorders will not receive this update until later this year. Of course, the recordings are encrypted to avoid piracy, and VOD, PPV broadcasts and DVD's will be excluded from this service.
Looks like Tivo's stock is up a bit...

as of 12:49pm, its up to $6.22 (it open at $6.14) Today's high hit at $6.30


What do you think the price will be at the end of today's trading?

My prediction: $6.26
Well, glad I don't any of their stock...

Opened at 6.14 ---- Closed at 6.12

Good thing Im not a financial banker or a hedge fund manager ;)
Replay users have been able to do this for several years now (at least those with networked Replays). The software is 3rd party, however. But there are plenty of happy users.

The TiVo stuff apparently will have a lot of DRM issues and require specific software on the PC.
HTPC's have been doing this for a long time too ;) I honestly don't think this is going to take off, just like you said, it's a DRM 'fest', and either people will figure out a way to strip it, which means Tivo would have to stop offering the software, or it just is so annoying it will die.
I happened to buy another Tivo on Sunday and the usb nics for the "transfer" option. I guess Tivo2Go will be an added bonus for buying the nics.

I am just waiting for the 7.1 software version to be pushed to my two units.

Not sure how I ever lived without Tivo...and the ability to write to DVD will be a great benefit.