Toggle output equivlent


I want to know how to check if an output is on or off.
right now i toggle an ouput on/off when f6 button is pushed.

Is there a way to do know that the output is on or off. i guess i can use counters to increase / decrease the value of a coutner.

Also how can i make the f6 button flash or stay on when a particular output is on?
I believe you can only check for when an output changes state, not the current state. Depending on what you are trying to do, there are several workarounds. If you want a timer type of thing, turn the Output on for X time then check for when it goes off. If its gonna toggle all the time based on other things and you need to know the state at any time, you can use a counter as you say. Simply set the counter to 1 when the output turns on and set it to zero when the output is turned off. Then you should be able to write a rule based on the counter value.

The F key lights on the keypad are controlled in ElkRP under keypads. Go to the keypad you want then in the line for the F key changes the illumination event. So to have F6 blink when Output100 is on, the Illumination event for F6 should be "7100 = Output 100 state" and the Blink checkbox should be checked.
Write a Rule and use the AND statement to determine if Output is On or Off. You can use the WHENEVER every 10 seconds AND Output 3 is ON THEN ......

Use the Keypad programming in ELKRP and assign the Illumination to an Output State. You can make it Blink by checking the Blink option.
Actually I was going to say that but when I went to check it (after AND) is said when Output is 'turned on' or 'turned off' and I jushed was in a hurry so I assumed it was checking for it turning on or off. Perhaps a real minor tweak to remove the word 'turned' so the radio button is just like the end rule AND Output x IS On/Off. But I should have realized that anyway.
Thank you.
Does this mean there is no way for me to check if the lights are on or off? I want to be able to call into the Elk and get a status of my outside light.

One more question:
Is it better to have a rule like this?
- every 15 minutes and its dark outside then turn output 8 on

- every 15 minutes and its dark outside and the output 8 is off then turn output 8 on

does the first rule make the outside light blink every 15 min?
- Misha
I'm sorry, but I am lost as to what you are trying to do now. You CAN call in from outside and get the status of your light, assuming the light is programmed in the lighting section and it gives status to the M1.

Turning on a light that is already on should not cause it to blink. I am missing the relationship of lights and outputs, sorry. What exactly are you trying to do?
I am not using the lighting interface to control my lights. I simply have a High Sensitivity DPDT Relay Board made by elk to control the light. The relay is connected to output 8 and i have the rule that turns it on and off depends on the time of day.

should i be using lightning interface instead of the relay?