Top 10 New INSTEON Product Requests


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Not that it is likely to change anything, but this is a list of what I would like to see in future INSTEON products by priority. Anybody have a different take?

1-Linking and configuration software to better set up and manage complex installations.

2-A TW523 replacement module that looks like a standard TW523 to a PC or controller and a 256 button INSTEON keypad to the power line. Would make all X-10 controllers instantly upgradeable to INSTEON.

3-Light pipe kits for v2 keypads.

4-Fixture modules. Need both relay and dimmer versions but relay is most urgent.

5-Palm Pad type remote. Maybe with a wall mount bracket for “stick-a-switch†type applications.

6-Screw-In modules. Full dimming in a “socket rocket†size would be nice.

7-RF v2 switches. As an additional option, not a replacement for existing PLC versions and not a dual technology version that drives unit costs up.

8-IR to INSTEON converter. To convert IR signals from a universal remote to INSTEON RF or PLC signals (whichever is cheaper to implement).

9-A battery powered “stick-a-switch†type device.

10-A smaller, simpler, mini-controller that fits better on a bedside table.
1. Absolutely.

2. Very few PCs & software actually used a TW-523 due to the timing requirements. Maybe this should be for a CM11a emulator if you want quick & dirty PC support? If you want quick & dirty support for the Elk, JDS, etc, then the TW-523 request is valid. But the beast will still have to be programmed, so it will need PC access somehow.

3. I think these are already "in the works", but I am not 100% sure and have no idea of the timing.

4. Desired, but I am not sure how practical. Somehow the thing has to be programmed, so it needs a "set" button at a minimum. I don't think SmartHome ever made v1 fixture modules either, did they?

I would like to see RF keyfob sized remote control transmitters.

I would REALLY like to see a PR511 clone. This is the X10 outdoor motion detector and floodlight gizmo. The PR511 is a decent design, but it gets goofy sometimes. I want something that will signal inside when motion is detected AND allow regular Insteon control of the lamps. It would be nice if there was a way to switch the lamp between on/off/auto(motion) motion with a simple command.
upstatemike said:
3-Light pipe kits for v2 keypads.
These are in-stock now as part #2401L Price is $5.99 for one kit which has four colors in the two sizes. 32 total pieces as I remember. The marketing guys are still working on the web page. They can be ordered by calling in or wait for the web page. :blink:

SmarthomeJohn said:
These are in-stock now as part #2401L Price is $5.99 for one kit which has four colors in the two sizes. 32 total pieces as I remember. The marketing guys are still working on the web page. They can be ordered by calling in or wait for the web page. :blink:

1 Down, 9 to go!
Welcome back John, don't be a stranger. Can you or some other SmartHomer answer some of the other Insteon questions floating around? For example, whats up with the PowerLinc USB out of stock until next year?
I feel these are the most important by far, as without them my only choice is UPB for installations:

- A fixture module.
- Controlled outlets.
- A dry-contact transmitter (powerflash module replacement)
- An insteon-controlled relay (universal module replacement)

Someone mentioned that a fixture module is "not practical"--I have to say that if that's the case then Insteon is not practical, as I usually have at least one fixture module in every installation.

Without these integration points, Insteon isn't really anything more than a toy IMHO. A rather nice toy though.

I'm considering a dual-technology approach (Insteon for lighting and UPB for everything else), but I'm big into scenes and I think that may be more trouble than it's worth. UPB is definitely more installer-friendly right now.
#1 - computer configuration of complex setups is a must.
#5 - Also at the top of my wish list, an RF remote.
Also Insteon motion/light detectors
and Insteon motion floodlights.
How about:

11. Anything for which there currenlty exists an X10 (wired, RF, security RF, PC remote RF and ninja RF protocols), UPB, or Zwave version of, but better :) Then we can all replace the ton of interaces we have on our PCs and/or panels and just use one :blink:

I personnaly would love to do this. I want to get rid of my 5 Zwave modules/switches and replace them. Insteon seems a prime candidate. (This would eliminate the Zwave controller from my HS) Not enough bang for the buck and reliability issues

I'd like to get rid of my X10 wired stuff (This would get rid of the TI103 from my setup). Little bang for little bucks, larger bang for big bucks.

I'd eventually like to get rid of my W800, but it actually works pretty darn good (big bang for little bucks)

Smarthome, with Insteon - from my early impresions - looks like they have the bang-to-buck ration equiation finally fixed.

So one interface to contoll them all...
I just listed the 10 things I need right now... I can wait awhile, maybe even till the end of the month, for the rest to come out.
What I need by Thanksgiving:

Outdoor recepticals. It will make running the X-mas lights so much easier. :blink:
I second a TW523 emulator, except in the other direction. I want to plug my Rain8's into something like that and program the emulator to respond to multiple channels (like the KeypadlincV2) to map them onto X10 addresses. Rain8's can repond to something like 10 or 11 X10 addresses.. It needs to be a two-way translation so that two-way devices can be used.

Other things on my wish list:

* Non-RF Insteon wire-in phase coupler, passive or (even better) active. To replace this: or or I want to be able to pull the plug on the Signalinc-RF's if needed.

* Breaker box mounted Insteon PLC carrier filter, eg: to replace this: or

* Fixture modules (relay and dimmer) eg: and

* A wireless remote to replace X10 HR12A. eg:

* A wireless battery operated stick-a-switch. eg:

* A wireless replacement for and

* Insteon wireless motion detectors to replace eagle-eye, hawk-eye. eg: and

* Insteon version of Rain8, Relay8 and PF8 (eliminates my need for a TW523 emulator) or Insteon version of IOLinc.

And they need to be all available this week. :blink:

Oh, and last but not least, before I forget:

* FIx all of those problems I've been whining about on the SDK forum.