Topology question


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I have a newbie question about 1wire topology. I already have the following:
- a DS9097U adaptor
- a Power Injector module
- several Temp/Humidity/Solar... modules.

Most of the modules are to be connected in a star, so I will need a hub, too.

Because of cabling limitations I would like to do the following, I hope you can read the "schematics" ;) :

| 1m cable
Serial adaptor*
| 1m cable
Power Injector*
| 1m cable
Temp/Hum/Solar module*
| ~20m of cabling CAT5e
6-port Hub
| | |
| | |
All the other modules...

All items with asterisk (*) are located in the same room.

The questions:
1. Can I bring voltages to the 6-port hub via CAT5 cabling - using the Power injector I already have? It is somewhat difficult to power it locally.

2. Is it ok to daisy-chain one sensor module and the hub this way?

3. Any other problems with my plan?

Thank you in advance!
The way you have drawn out your cabling looks like it would work fine.

1. Not directly. Never really thought about hooking up the hub like you have drawn but it is a good idea (maybe next version). One thing you could do it you wanted to make your own cable it to take one of the ground wires (like pin 8) and the unregulated power (pin 7) and put a 2.1mm male power connector on them. Then you could plug that into the power connector on the hub.

2. Yes, hooking up a device before the Hub should be no problem. The 1-Wire network doesn't care where in teh chain the devices are connected.

3. I don't see any problems.

Thanks Eric!

I will proceed with my plan.

Indeed, if you had jumpers that would/could connect the voltages from the IN RJ45 connector to the rest of the circuitry...