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Remote Edition: New updates are out and approved on the app store. new version is v1.3

Blog Link
Blog Link

Remote Edition: Full Custom Learn Remote Tutorial. Like it says - tutorial on how to use the learner on the bitwise unit to learn custom remotes into our app
Remote Edition: Full Custom Learn Remote Tutorial

Remote Edition: How To Setup & Use Macros. We now have macro support in the app. See tutorial for the process and options.
Remote Edition: How To Setup & Use Macros

For macro creation we utilize the Bitwise Project Editor as announced here (then we have a gui and method to call in our app): Bitwise Project Editor Announcement On Cocoontech

Remote Edition: Punch Through - Punch To Tutorial. Easily map buttons between devices. i.e. use your cable box gui but have the volume buttons in that gui control your tv or receiver volume.
Remote Edition: Punch Through - Punch To Tutorial

Remote Edition: Autostart Options Tutorial. Enjoy the ability to automatically drill down into different parts of the application without clicking. i.e. you could setup the app to automatically start a favorite profile and start right into a favorite device gui automatically. say you want to just open the app to your cable box gui every time; now you can do so.
Remote Edition: AutoStart Options Tutorial

Detailed Highlights For Remote Edition
Remote Edition v1.3 has been approved and is now available via the Apple App Store. The updates include:

1. 'start in' at the device GUI level. With this functionality you can now select actual installed 'devices' to start into when using a profile. This option will allow you to start right into the GUI of the device you choose from your devices list. With this new functionality + the auto start profile function you can now auto start a profile and have it automatically drill down to the devices for a category/subcategory. By selecting a 'device' to 'start in' you can now extend that one level further and start right into a device GUI. The end result is an example such as: you only have 1 profile and you always want to start right into your cable box GUI as that is what you always want to use it for initially. Now when you open the app it will auto start everything right into the Cable Box GUI so you can just start controlling the device right away. you can always slide back out to the device list, jump to other tabs, etc. from there if you want.
2. Macro support. We now support macros via the Bitwise unit. All macros are called via the 'macros' button located at the top/middel of any device GUI. There are 2 stages to the macro support.
1. Stage 1: Setup the macro in the Bitwise Project Editor. This windows application software is normally a seperate purchase/cost from the Bitwise unit however if you purchase the Bitwise hardware through Total Control it will be available for free. Please contact directly for more information regarding this program.
2. Stage 2: Setup the macro in the Total Control application. This is a very simple setup consiting of a descriptive name for your macro + the macro # from the Bitwise Project Editor that you uploaded to the Bitwise Unit.
3. Punch Through - Punch To Support. You can now map buttons from one device to the same buttons on another existing device. i.e. You have a Cable Box GUI that you like to use however you want to control your tv or a/v receiver volume when using the volume button on the Cable Box GUI. you can now override the Cable Box GUI with an existing device's same button (in this case the tv or a/v receiver volume buttons). This way you no longer have to slide between devices to similar controls.
4. Volume Button Change. Volume button was changed from continuous IR to:
1. Single click = single volume IR command
2. Long press on volume button = continuous IR until button is released

CTIA & ISC West 2010 - i will put a regular review up soon but here are some specific highlights

Total Control In Nuvico Booth ISC West 2010. We were fortunate enough to team up directly with Nuvico for ISC West 2010. Some info and pics from the booth.
Total Control In Nuvico Booth ISC West 2010

Acti presenting us as 3rd party software partners at ISC West 2010
Total Control In Acti Booth ISC West 2010

Blackberry Booth At CTIA. will have more info on review posted soon
Blackberry Booth At CTIA

Sony Ericcson Xperia x10 and mini at CTIA. will have more info posted on review soon along with video of booth.
Xperia X10 At CTIA