Total Control Vidcam Edition Multichannel View Preview Video For Iphone/Ipad/Itouch


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Here is the link to a demo video of our upcoming multichannel view for iphone/ipad/itouch on our cctv mobile software. It is basically the same functionality we introduced on our Android Vidcam Edition version a couple of months back. we are in final testing and should be submitting to Apple in the next couple of weeks.

For the iphone/ipad/itouch implementation it will have the following functionality:
  • view multiple live video channels on 1 screen at the same time
  • choose from how many cameras to see on 1 page at a time (1,2,4,6,8,16, or 32 cameras)
  • quick cycle button to go through different views or long press to get a pop up selection option of how many to show on a screen
  • ability to start the app right into a specific multichannel view
  • ability to start multichannel view on first group of cameras all of the time or the last group you exited the app on
  • ability to choose how many cameras to start the multichannel view with every time

for the iphone you will typically enjoy 2,4,6, or 8 channel view options. for ipad 16 & 32 come into play although all camera view options are available on both types.
if you want to go into full single view on a particular camera just touch that camera on the screen while in multichannel view.

Preview video link here: Total Control Iphone Vidcam Edition Multichannel View Demo Video Link
the demo video is on an iPad but it is the same for iphone and itouch.


Pretty much the same thing like our Android Multichannel View Video here: Total Control Android Vidcam Edition Multichannel View Demo Video Link

What else is coming up?

1. we are shifting gears after this back to our Remote Edition apps for Android & Iphone/Itouch/Ipad. we are adding support for a few new IR boxes (global cache and some others) and a dongle as well (dongle iphone/ipad/itouch only for now). initially there will be a method to import/export configurations for these other IR boxes and they typically don't have an IR dbase built in (1 will have a built in IR dbase though). so if you have a GC or itach for instance you can put the IR code into a file and import everything right into the app for your configuration.

2. we are also implementing our own macro editor right into the app as opposed to relying on hardware macro implementation so macros will be hardware agnostic and work for any hardware we add support for. we will probably roll macro support out in 2 phases. first phase will be the typical macro support for IR, delays, etc. second phase will be for custom commands/macro like http calls, hex/ascii commands, autstart macro option when app opens, etc.

3. per requests we will be adding a 128 camera and unlimited version of our vidcam apps on some platforms also.

4. we are working on a new vidcam version although i can't go into details now.