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TP-Link Kasa WiFi Light Switch?


Anyone using the TP-Link WiFi light switches?  I noticed they are only $15 (three times cheaper than typical Z-Wave switches), and they can work with HomeSeer via a plugin by jasv!  Also Alexa compatible.


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I would really recommend that you look for wifi switches that are compatible with Tasmota.  Tasmota is a third party firmware that removes all internet/cloud reliance and adds lots of features (like rules based programming in the firmware itself, MQTT for even more control, multi-button control - see below, etc).  Tasmota has Alexa integration as well - as a local source too meaning your switches and plugs don't need internet access to work with Alexa.  Unfortunately the TP-Link switches are generally not compatible with Tasmota.  
I've been using switches from a company called Martin Jerry.  We really like the look of them and they are compatible with Tasmota (at least the models we have been using).  They also offer a variety of switches in the same basic design - single pole, 3/4 way, dimming, non-dimming, etc - so you can find the right switch for the need and they will all match well.  I also really like that with Tasmota I can program the different buttons to do different things.  For example, I have dimmer switches programed where the main switch turns on/off the main light/load, but by pressing the "dimmer" part of the switch, I turn on/off alternative lights/loads.  In my Den the main switch turns on the ceiling lights, but the "dimmer" switch turns on/off lights next to our sofa that are plugged into a basic wifi plug that is also flashed with Tasmota.  In our kitchen, the main switch controls the ceiling light, but the "dimmer" switch controls the under cabinet lighting (also plugged into a wifi plug flashed with Tasmota).  In the dining room the main switch turns on the chandelier and the dimmer buttons turn on the china cabinet lighting. The dimmer functionality still works too - you just have to press and hold the up or down button to brighten/dim. This extra functionality has really opened up a lot of possibilities and makes it very easy to have a physical switch that controls some of the smart plugs that we have added to individual lights. Usually those smart plugs have to be voice controlled or you have to hit the tiny button on them.
Pricing is generally going to be in the same ballpark as the TP-Link stuff (that link is for a 3 pack of dimmer switches, but they sell individual switches as well).