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TR-16 acting strange. Please help.


I need help. I feel that something is wrong with my tr-16 and its getting colder outside and i want this fix before its too late.

here is what is going on - i do not know what to think, but i am getting bad feelings about this. i worry about safety, so i need cocoon members to advise on what to do next.

Many of you repled to my previous threads regarding TR-16 integration with Elk. I finally got everything to work. The bench test went just fine. The fan and heat works fine.

I connected the tr-16 to elk. after few module enrollment tries the tr-16 came alive and i was able to control it from the elk's remote programming software.

the problem is that the tr-16 turns on on its own. for a second day in a row i walk home with heater blowing heat and the "setpoint" set to 70F.

I checked the logs and there was no task activated on the elk side.

yesterday I set the setpont to be at 45F before leaving home. when i got home the setpoint was set to 70F and the heater was on. I thought maybe elk was messing up so i disconnected elk.

here is what i did after i disconnected elk:
- checked the thermostat reading: 65F
- change setpoint to be 45F. The mode was set to "H". I wrote it down. I swear.
- early morning [6 am] the heater had turned on. i ran to the thermostat. it said 64F. i checked the setpoint and it was 70F.

I swear i did not set it to 70F before I went to bed. The setpoint was set to 45F.

I tuned the heater off before going to work as i am afraid that its blowing heat all day while i am at work.

One thing that i thought off that maybe the tr-16 is a returned item and someone previously used the scheduler to set these values? i do not have the rs-323 to rs-485 converter handy so i cant check the schedule. is there a way to clear the thermostat?

can someone help me troubleshoot this?

- misha


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Not much I can help with other than to echo some comments made to me by the RCS folks (a good while back).

The "thing hanging on the wall" is really just a wall display unit (WDU). The "brains" are in the circuit board. Either the large or small WDU's can be used with the circuit board. To access schedules and a lot of the other features that the circuit board has, you either need the larger display WDU or a serial connection.

If this were me, I would consider seeing if RCS would exchange (for an upcharge) the small WDU for the larger WDU.