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I just installed the TR40. I have connected it to a Elk M1Gold via a RS485 serial expander. After going over everything a few times I can not get any readings from the TR40. Elk show everything 00 in plugin.

Auto send is on in the tr40

Connected via the rj45 on the control unit. Cables are correct.

I have rev p

Using Homeseer with elk plug-in.
Does the TR40 work by itself?

When i hooked mine up, the XSP and TR40 worked fine by themselves, but wouldn't communicate. The wiring diagram from Elk only showed 3 of the 4 rs485 wires connected. I connected the other one (+12) also and that made it work.

Also, I didn't use the Rj45 port, but the rs485 on the left side next to the display unit connector. RCS said they both work, but it was easier for me to wire to the screw connector