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Every time i order something i always get the tracking number and i would like to check everyday to see where my package is. When usging United States Postal Service (USPS) people pay extra just for tracking their mail. UPS includes this with all their deliveries. I think Fed-ex does to.

But every time i check the status of my mail it always say something stupid like:
Your mail is ontime
USPS has been notified to pick up your mail
Your mail left [file in the blank] station at [file in the blank] time

And then the next day it says the same thing and every day after it says the same thing. Until it finally shows up at my door step and later that night i will get a e-mail comfirmation saying it was delivered.

Those tracking system are worthless most of the time. I Want a sytem that tells me what street my package on and how fast the driver is getting it to me. I'm being a little sarcastic but what the HELL is the point of a tracking system if it doesnt tell you where your package is until its delivered.

I paid for tracking now track the damn thing please!

This type of service is why the USPS workers are fearing for their jobs(i know my mom works for them). With todays technology i should be able to zoom in from a satalit and make sure my item isnt broken. Hell i should be able to read the book i just ordered while its on its way.

What ever happend to good service.

McDonalds used to always say.... "Service with a Smile" When was the last time you seen a McDonalds Employee smile while serving you. Its been about 10yrs since i got a happy little "Welcome to McDonalds can i take your order... Now all you get is a "NEXT PLEASE".
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(and I agree with everything that you said..)
The information you get depends a lot on how much you pay for it. The normal FedEx stuff (not the new ground and home delivery) usually gives you quite a bit of information. It will still be station information, but you'll get more arrival/leaving notification and it does seem to be updated much faster (closer to the event happening).

With USPS, I think they only update in the evening. FedEx ground seems to be whenever they feel like it - ground is apparently not delivered on company trucks (though they do say FedEx on them). I think these are only updated in the evening - normal FedEx must be in radio contact with the local office since they are often updated within minutes of something (like delivery) happening.