Tracking Santa


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Norad runs this every year. Starting on Christmas Eve, usually first thing in the morning, you can check the site about every hour to see where Santa is. There is downloadable videos of where he is flying. I have done this with my son for the last 2 years and he absolutely LOVES it. I would strongly suggest that if you have little ones that you check this site out. Heck, I like watching it myself!!

All you guys with little ones.....don't forget to check this out. UNFORTUNATELY it seems to need real player (definately not what I wanted on my box) But for my son it's worth it. Plus...I did it on wife's box! hehe

Already saw 2 videos so far. My son Collin is hopping around the living room now :D
My wife listened to some of the mp3s they had for download, not bad. No little ones here (yet).