Transferring wireless transmitters from ADT to Elk


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I am transitioning from an ADT (Vista20P) panel that has honeywell wireless motion sensors to an Elk panel .     I do have the  ELK-M1XRF2H wireless receiver which I believe uses the same wireless sensors so I would like to reuse them if I can.  Do I need to do anything to unenroll the ADT wireless sensors from the Vista 20P before I decommission the ADT panel? 
No, you don't need to unenroll them.  The sensors are transmit-only, and don't know what receiver is getting the signal.  Both the 20P and the Elk will be able to receive the signals, but that won't bother anything.
Great!  That's even better!  I was trying to keep the ADT system up and running while I get the Elk wired up since the housekeeper, babysitters, and everyone else is already accustomed to it.  Great to know that I can try out various installation locations for the wireless receiver to see what gets the best range.