Tstat, is it worth it?


I need a tstat that will work with my Homeseer/z wave HA. I think my options are the Homepro model, TR16 or TR40. What are the differences in these? I dont want to spend an unneccessary about of money, yet I want to have bi-directional functionality. Also, are all of these units hooked up the same way? The TR16 & TR40 look like they have a control unit, is that also the case with Homepro's tstat? Also, is there anything I have to look out for when I hook these units up, such as special wiring, etc. (just want to make sure its not going to be the same problem with trying to hook up an Insteon switch when I come to find out I dont have neutral wires in my switch box)

Thank you.
Be careful wiring anything. I've had a customer cause a major problem because he didn't wire the thermostat correctly.

Not entirely hard but you must be careful as with anything.
I have 3 TR16s - and they work great. No issues, they do exactly what I want them to do. Need to make sure your existing thermostats have 4 wires - if they do - it will be an easy install.

As for difference between the 16 and 40s - I think the 40s allow you to program everything directly into the TStat, where the 16 doesn't (items like temperature deadbands, min off/on times, etc). Once these are set, you won't need to change them often - but it's a nice feature not needing a PC to change them.
Even if you don't need all the features of the TR-40, you might just prefer the larger display. It is worth a few extra bucks to get something you are comfortable looking at every day than saving a few pennies and squinting.
I have the TR-40 and I have no regrets. The large graphical display is quite nice. The TR-40 allows full programming from the display, and also supports a message mode where a text message can be sent over the RS-485 link.
Guy Lavoie said:
...and also supports a message mode where a text message can be sent over the RS-485 link.
Yes but from what? From the discussions amongst the Elk users and others, there doesn't seem to be any easy way to get a text message into the thing.
I built my own RCS stat interface module (for the Ocelot) and it supports the message mode. Its one of my favorite features.
I'm going to have to send you that old TimeCommander Plus so you can start building cool interface modules that work with the JDS controller family!