[Tutorials] How to configure the <acronym title='HomeSeer'>HS</acronym> ROC Outlook plugin


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This is a quick how-to on setting up the ROC Outlook Interface an overview of the plug-in's functions.

The Homeseer Outlook Interface (OI) allows Homeseer to access Outlook appointments and tasks as well as integrating Outlook e-mail capabilities into your Homeseer system.

With OI, you can:
  • Announce appointments listed in Outlook
  • Trigger Homeseer events
  • Run Homeseer scripts
  • Print a listing of today’s appointments
  • Print a list of Outlook tasks
  • Write scripts directly in your Outlook appointment
  • View appointments, tasks and contacts from the web
  • Ability to add appointments to and from networked computers
  • Syncronize Outlook contacts with the Homeseer Phone phone book
  • View edit and add Outlook contacts and tasks from the web
OI can be run as either a triggered or scripted event directly from Homeseer

Installing OI

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