[Tutorials] How to improve your X-10 RF reception


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A typical X-10 310 Megahertz receiver such as the MR26a's reception can greatly be improved with a custom antenna rather than the stock pig-tail wire. This how-to will show you how to make a one-quarter wave ground plane antenna tailored for the MR26a's frequency of 310 Megahertz.

First step is to modify your MR26a or other receiver so it can accept an external coax connection. This is performed by installing a bulkhead "F" or other connector (such as "BNC") on the end of the pigtail connection. An elaborate tutorial is already in place for this task at this location (scroll down to the "Modify the MR26" line).

If you have another type of receiver you will need to modify it so it can accept an F or other means for connecting a coax cable to it.

To make this antenna you will need the following items (some are shown below):

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