[Tutorials] How to measure the salt level in your water softener


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[SIZE= 14pt]How-To Measure Salt Level in Your Water Softener Using an Ultrasonic Sensor[/SIZE]

by BraveSirRobbin

This How-To will describe how to measure the salt level for your water softener. This has been requested by a number of members. Various techniques have been tried in the past, but all had one common methodology. "Something" had to touch the salt. Be it a weight, string, magnet, etc... all of these methods required a mechanical means that touched the top level of the salt to acquire a "level" reading.

The problem with these methods was it made refilling the softener difficult. These strings had to be manually coiled/lifted/etc... to get them out of the way, then rearranged so they could start measuring the "new" level.

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