[Tutorials] How to replace the battery in your Gyration Ultra GT


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/archive/j/tutorials/2010/10/gyration01.jpgMy Gyration Ultra GT (GP110) battery died so I came up with a cheap fix for it since you can't buy a replacement battery any longer. I used a GE TL96158 3.6V 750mAh battery I got cheap off Ebay. Below is the process I used to install it.
  1. Using a knife, cut open the edge of the battery casing as shown.
  2. Once a slight cut has been made take a small screwdriver and pop off the cover.
  3. This will expose the original battery pack as shown.
  4. Pop out the battery pack from the casing.
  5. This is the new battery pack you are going to use.
  6. First cut the wires from the old battery pack noting where the red and black wires were attached to. Also cut off the tiny white connector from the new battery pack and bare the wires as shown.
  7. Solder the wires to the casing making sure the red and black wires are in the correct position.
  8. The new battery will fit where the old one was in the outer cover (minus the top you took off and leave off). Just slide the cover back onto the mouse and charge the battery.
That's it!

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