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Ok, so what kind of TV's do you have out there?

In my basement room (MY space!) I have a Hitachi 51S500 Rear Projection TV. It's 51 inches and I love it. In the living room I have an older (5 years) 31 inch JVC that works great.

Nice tv! I have typical Philips 31" TV, which seems to crash once in a while (yes TV's can crash!).
We have a Panasonic PT50LC13 50" widescreen LCD Rear projection TV as our main set, plus a 5-year old 32" Hitachi, two 8-year old 27" Magnavox sets, and a 2-year old 19" worldwide (PAL/NTSC) Hitachi (Gee, you'd think I was talking about kids).

The two Magnavox sets are in storage in the States; the rest are with us in Korea. We'll have 1 TV per family/bedroom plus the 19" in the kitchen upon return to the US.
51" Hitachi widescreen RPTV now, but I'm really starting to think hard about getting a projectoc and a motorized screen to raise and lower because of size constraints.

That'd be so so so sweeeeet.
HDTV's: Samsung HLN617W - 61" DLP projection in theater/living room, Sharp LC-30HV60U - 30" Flat panel LCD in Sunroom, Samsung LTM-1575W - 15" LCD in Kitchen.

NTSC: Mitsubishi 32" CRT in Master Bedroom, Sony 24" CRT in workshop.
that's one heck of setup you guys have, guess it's time for me to change jobs or something :)
How do you guys like the LCD's? I had the room for the big screen and really didn't want to spend the extra cash. Besides, my basement is pitch black when I turn the lights out so the picture looks great...

Panasonic 47" HDTV in the living room, Sony 32" Wega in my play room, Panasonic 27" in bedroom, and a 13" white box in the kitchen.
My main tv is a Sony 57" rear projection HDTV and the Sony 25" Trinitron in my office/computer room. We have a Dell 17" LCD in our bedroom, and some various tube tv's in other bedrooms.
How's the viewing angles on the LCD TVs? My LCD monitors tend to discolor if you move 40 degrees off center. ;)
I have a big black Sanyo in the living room and a semi-big silver Apex in my bedroom. I'm on top of it.
Well I have a lowly 35" Sony for my main TV. I feel like electron about my job and need to figure out how you guys are printing all that money out in your basements..hehehehe..

And if they are printing money out of the basement, they'll need a secretary. I have experience. I can do it.