Two Way Voice Application


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We just added a convenient feature to the M1 controlling the ELK Products facility which is quite unique. It has always been a hassle knowing when everyone is out of the building in this large facility, so we now use the M1 and TWI module (two way voice) to make an announcement through out the building before arming the security system.

Here is how it works:
A group of Rules were written to control this process.
By pressing the F5 key on the keypad, a custom voice announcement is made "The security system is about to be armed, anyone left in the building please speak up". At the end of the announcement, all the microphones in the building are turned on so that they can pick up anyone speaking. The TWI can have up to 12 microphones. The person at the Keypad can then hear anyone speaking up. If they hear anyone, the F6 key on the keypad is pressed and another custom voice announcement is broadcast through the building that tells the person left in the building to arm the security system when they leave. It works great!
Thats a great feature (and good selling point). At my last employer, we would always have to run around the building and check. And inevitably someone would always be missed. I can't tell you how many times I had to sprint across the building to deactivate the alarm after someone activated it thinking they were the last person there. :eek: