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Where to find... and other questions.

Apparently, my goggling skills aren't that strong, as I am unable to find this software.

Since I'm here... is it free? If not, how much?

Is it relatively easy to set-up? Any How-to's out there?

How are you using it?

Is it worth it?

Can I use it on my touchscreen to control devices? As far as I've gathered, there is no backend tied to it.

Anything else to know about it?

Any and all links are appreciated, as my Search button is malfunctioning. :p

Ahhh... its a Homeseer Add-On
Ultra View2 is an add on to HomeSeers web interface. Ultra View2 provides "at a glance" status for all your HomeSeer devices. You provide your own home's floor plan views or pictures, then specify the X and Y coordinates and floor you want the device icon displayed on. You can then click on the icon to turn on or off a device (depending on the device type).

I thought it was a stand alone app.... that's why I was so confused. :p

Oh well, there goes that idea...


With HS2.0, I decided to kill UltraView2 which I have used for a few years. Too many issues with XML choking charecters to deal with. MainLobby / MLHSPlugin is my preferred user interface anyway.
I (still) use UltraView2 here and I've made quite a few modifications and additions to it in terms of what I have it do. The basics of the package is that is implements DHTML to have overlays and "floating" items that can update without the entire page being refreshed. Ie., the same requirement that HS 2.0 now has in terms of using IE or an IE clone that supports DHTML the way MS does it...

FWIW, I think you'l see the same problems of various HTML vs. standard characters used in the new HS 2.0 as we did in UV2... Basically, any encoded characters will have to be trapped and converted for display on the web page. Unless HST has an extremely good engine that does this internally...

Let the fun begin!!


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So mainlobby is a good replacement for Ultraview 2? I've been using it for years now, but with HS 2.0 coming out it's time to make a change. I know zero about main lobby, except I'm unclear on whether to use it or xlobby.

Stinger, If you want a front end to Homeseer, MainLobby is really the only choice. There isn't an integration with Homeseer via XLobby.

MainLobby far surpasses UltraView2 from a capability perspective. Not a knock on Ultra as it is free and very good for a web app. It takes similar time to setup, but I gave up on it with HS2.0 because of the XML choke issues I had with it and never got a response from UltraJones on the fix. Not that I expected one, as it is free.
I set up Ultra View when it first came out but I find I never use it. I'm also obviously missing something but I can't for the life of me figure out why you need a front end to HS. This is the way I view it is, I set up something like Main Lobby so I need something like an Air Panel to really do it justice. When I do this though I have to get up and go over to this Air Panel and issue a command. I might as well get up and turn the light on or turn the stereo on. Please enlighten me on the benefits that I'm missing.
As I type, I am watching TV and alt Tabbing to MainLobby TVLobby to see the guide and change channels. Much faster than the Tivo guide.

I have a PC or tablet in all major areas of the house. It's more than turning on / off a light. It is seeing the status of things, Caller ID, Select music, turn on fireplace, etc.

The floor plan view is a navigation method for anybody to walk up and interact with the house systems. They don't have to know what I called a particular light or device. They know where it is on the floorplan, and click on it.

If they want to listen to music, they click on the coverart, click on the song, and Play. Intuitive.

I don't use a standard remote control anymore. Too many for too much equipment and even I forget what needs to be turned on / off to achieve an end result. I just click what I want to do, the macros do the rest.
I have posted this before, but HERE is an example of what I use Main Lobby for. Note it's not the perfect choice and like all solutions has pros and cons, but I get along with it nicely (suites my lazy lack of trying to figure out how to display items like I want).
I have 3 laptops and one is normally always in my lap. I use the touchpad interface in the same manner as you use Main Lobby. I just do not have the amount of equipment as you do so maybe that's the reason I do not see the need at the moment. I think I will get that itch eventually though. Thanks for the run down.
I've apparently gone full-circle (maybe even more than once) with the HA control aspects in my home. I went down the screens-everywhere road, with the Audreys, and while it was a valiant effort that yielded great results, the fact is I just don't need to have a screen everywhere. They aren't portable, and if they were, I wouldn't be carrying them with me everywhere around the house. I'm home - and when I get home I UNLOAD all the crap I take with me when I leave the house - wallet, cellphone/PDA, keys, sunglasses, hat, laptop, sometimes even clothes! I wear no jewelry, not even a watch, so other than maybe embedding that Star Trek communicator into my chest that connects specifically to HS for voice commands, I'm not going to change that habit.

I don't want to know the status of things unless I specifically ask or look. I don't want to have it staring me in the face at 2:20am, glowing like the brightest nightlight I never needed (did you know it's very easy to walk around in a house in the dark?). I do want to know when something isn't working right, has gone down, or otherwise isn't within normal specs that I dictate. I do want to be able to see if someone called when I was away or there is a new message waiting, maybe the weather. And no thanks to the automated forwarding of those voicemails and messages - it's just not that important to me. A simple LED or LCD can tell me that, and then I can follow it up. Maybe even just the BetaBrite sign.

Like Rupp, I spend a lot of time in front of a PC (too much, really). I'm finding that all these nice bells and whistles aren't really meaningful to me at home. No one here cares about a flashy now-playing CD cover screen, so why buy, program, or use it? We hear the music, and can pick it and control it, that's enough. One remote that controls the AV gear with a couple button presses, automated and watch-dogged systems, and I'm all set.

Things I do care about: announce/show phone callers and their messages, announce/show guests at the door, turning on all the pool/patio lights at the same time but still having individual control, event calendar announcements, etc. Oh, I should put an announcement on the stove timer so I hear it when the food is done - that'd be great to keep my teenage son from burning his pizzas! Maybe a high temp sensor inthe range hood to detect when the stove somehow begins to burn up for when he graduates to stove-top cooking...

And of course all the background scheduled events and things like lights on at dusk/off at midnight, sprinklers, etc. But those are all handled quietly by HS now. Ah well, maybe I'll find the ultimate interface for me in a few decades yet.