Unable to connect to network


While on vacation this summer, while working initially, my Omni Pro II lost connection to the network and I haven't been able to connect since.   Here are the things I've tried that were unsuccessful:
  1. Changing the IP address in both the console, router, and PC access.
  2. Swapping ethernet cables
  3. Connecting via a USB->Serial cable with PC Access. I've never done this before so I don't know if I was doing it right.
All sensors continue to work and the programs I already setup continue to run.   I'm concerned now that this is a physical issue with the board and the NIC and Serial ports are somehow busted.  
Anything else I can try?
EDIT: Sorry meant to post in the HAI Market place.  Can't change the title.
Try shutting down the panel removing the main power and battery connections then reconnect the panel power and battery.
If it comes back then you OK for now.
If it does not come back to life then you may have a hardware issue.  A lightning strike could do this.
The console and serial connection with PCA will work to access the panel.
If it is a hardware issue Leviton can repair the board.
You can leave the zone wires et al in place screwed to the terminals and just lift up and off the terminal strips, disconnect rest of cables and remove board.  Make sure it is powered off before doing this.
1. To test controller network. The best way is connect controller direct to computer LAN port  then set IP controller as default gateway of computer and revert:
controller configure:
Default gateway:
Computer Lan network configure
Default gateway: