Unable to connect via PC Access


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I'm looking for guidance on how to connect the HAI controller to the program PC access. Currently, I'm attempting to connect my laptop to the HAI controller via the Ethernet port. I've tried using both the Model and Serial methods in PC access, but unfortunately, I haven't had any success.

Do you have any instructions or advice on how to establish this connection?

Thank you
Are you currently utilizing the Ethernet port on the Omni panel for Snap Link?
Yes. Basically I had a very long power cut. After that, I can connect to the app mbl (hassio, hai snaplink) but the lights and alarm are not working through the apps. I checked IPs all good. Secret keys are fine. Something is not syncing with the controller I believe that's why I decided to check the PC access app.
Was the very long power cut related to a storm power outage?

Can you ping the IP of the Ethernet port on the Omni panel from the LAN of your home network?
An electrical engineer had to repair something in the apartment so there was a power cut for hours. I can ping with a successful reply the Internal and external ips. Apps are connecting to the Omni panel. The security system is fine through the app (alarm/disarm) . Same as from home assistant through a raspberry pi. I can see the setup, However I cannot switch off or on the lights the thermostat etc. i would like instructions on how to use the PC Access app and connect to the console please.

i am using ethernet port J6 directly connected to my laptop. Wifi is off.

In the laptop i made the Local area network to have alternative IP address as below.
However, after i open the app PC access the Network is disabled.

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Write down the 2 sets of keys you see in the console (or take picture).

In PC Access; configure new and put in IP address and keys and installer passcode.

In PC Access ; connect and download and save configuration. There go to status / units to control lights. Note that PC Access is a configuration utility but not a management utility.