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Underground Pull Box / Hand Hole / Vault?


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Anyone know where to look for reasonably priced (probably fiberglass) underground hand hole / pull box / vault?
I see lots of information about them from many manufacturers but, of course, they are all oriented to volume purchases and large commercial distributors. I'd rather not have to go through a quoting exercise with multiple places.
Have two uses for them along a long driveway, 120V power and low voltage. Also, if anyone knows, what are the restrictions about putting both in the same vault?
I've been told by my electrician that I shouldn't have any problem with a common trench for 120V and low voltage. He recommends conduit for the 120V at least (and I'm thinking a mix of direct-burial cable and empty conduit [for future] for low voltage). Claims there aren't any spacing requirements (not so sure about that). Electrical code says power must be 18"+ deep. (Will cross under the driveway in some places.)


Was thinking maybe you could utilizing a sprinkler manifold / valve box.  Not sure though if they are sealed much.
I have seen plastic utility outdoor boxes at the big box hardware stores.  All sizes reasonably priced.
Here for my brick mail box ran multiple chases and separated the 120VAC from the low voltage and network cabling in autonomous chases.
BUT when I built the foundation of cement for the brick mailbox I only put in two chases in the cement foundation from the side but not bottom of the cement to the top of the cement and combined stuff there.  The tops of the mail box (multiple level) used custom trimmed limestone slabs (very heavy) and the inside of the mail box was hollow for the high and low voltage stuff ease of access.  The structure was large though as I could crawl in to it.