Universal Electronics Releases New Enhancements for NevoS70 and NevoQ50


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CYPRESS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ:UEIC) today announced significant software upgrades to the NevoS70 and NevoQ50 home control devices. Home control continues to grow as an important requirement for advanced control devices. The new software for the latest Nevo devices enables two-way Z-Wave™ control and communication for home control systems such as lighting, HVAC, window coverings, and others. In addition, it enables two-way serial communication, including metadata, for select devices. These upgrades continue improving the user experience for the Nevo family of products which intuitively deliver complete audio/visual control for the home in elegant one-handed controllers.

Two-way Z-Wave Control

Both the NevoS70 and NevoQ50 programming upgrades enable full two-way Z-Wave control for:

* Lighting
* Window coverings
* Access control (lock/unlock)
* Sensors (on/off)
* Generic Z-Wave devices

Two-way communication gives the user immediate feedback on the remote to indicate the current status of the devices. For example, users can see on the remote’s display what lights are on and what the levels are of the lights (for dimmers), and can also check the thermostat for the current temperature.

Z-Wave is a next-generation wireless ecosystem that lets home electronics talk to each other, and to users, via remote control. It uses simple, reliable, low-power radio frequency (RF) waves that easily travel through walls, floors, and cabinets. This RF capability allows Nevo controllers to transmit to equipment hidden behind walls, inside cabinets, or in other rooms.

Two-way Serial Communication with New Devices

The NevoS70 and NevoQ50 also now feature two-way serial communications for the following select devices:
- iPort® digital media system for iPod® docking stations
- Escient FireBall™ and Vision™ media servers
- Russound RNET® multiroom audio / video distribution systems
- Lutron RadioRA® and HomeWorks lighting systems

“The success of the iPort is its ability to seamlessly integrate the iPod experience throughout the home,” says Kim Parker, Director of Product Development for iPort. “While docked in the iPort, the NevoS70 and NevoQ50 control the iPod and display album, song title, and artist information, providing consumers an even greater level of convenience at their fingertips. We are pleased to have the Nevo family of remotes support the iPort FS and IW products.”

“Our multiroom entertainment devices have been the preferred building blocks for custom installers for decades,” says Charlie Porritt, CEO for Russound. “Nothing completes the experience of multiroom audio like the high end remote control devices which UEI offers in Nevo. Two-way communication through a sleek controller gives families instant access to their media when and how they want it.”

The software upgrades were released to Nevo installers for preview in December 2008. The software upgrade is slated to be fully released in the first quarter of 2009.

Come by UEI’s exhibit at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and see how the Nevo family of products is making life easier with two-way advanced communication. UEI will be located at Booth 21256 in the South Hall 1.

Learn more about the Nevo family of products at www.mynevo.com.

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