UPB and Elk use in a detached garage


Hello group,

I am starting to build a detached garage / workshop. The garage will be approximately 75 feet from my house and will get it's electricity from a separate meter connected to the utiltiy companies transformer. I want to have burgular alarm protection for the garage and also be able to control its lighting over UPB from the house.

I have 2 questions that I am hoping that you can help me with.
1) Will the UPB signals be able to go from the house to the transformer and then back to the garage?

2) Will I be able to use the Elk alarm system in the house to also protect the garage or should I use a separate elk panel in the garage?

It's possible that it may work. You may have to figure out something else with the elk though.

Yeah this is much easier with a data bus hub. You could partition it.
You probably want to put a conduit between the two for some wiring.

UPB most likely will work, especially if it is from the same transformer. If it doesn't there are other ways to do it with separate CIM's, etc.

A separate panel is not needed and just wasted money. You could either just put a remote input expander in there and wire the openings to it and treat it like 1 system, or you can partition it to create a separate area for the garage so you can arm and disarm it separately. You have flexibility there. Just put the conduit so you can run some Cat5 or 22/4.
Use a Data Bus Hub In the garage and then a zone expansion card for all your security sensors and add another serial expansion with a UPB PIM for lighting control.
I would try controlling the lights from your existing system before spending money on the serial expander and the PIM.

The theoretical range of UPB is 2 miles and I have personal experience with UPB link signals traveling through a common utility transformer to buildings almost 200 feet away in both directions.
Thanks for the replies. I think I'll try the data bus hub with the remote input expander. I'll wait on the UPB until I can test it first, I'm hoping that it just works through the tranformer.