UPB Aux switch install confusion.

I have installed the regular UPB HAI Switches both dimming and non-dimming without any issues. What I am wondering about now is the installation of the AUX switch when in a 3 way system. Is it the same connections?

I am confused if the control yellow wire is different when in a three way install.

Any help would be great.

You may want to fix the title to this thread...If you want UPB help, it should say UPB, not UPS :(

In a 3 way setup, the Aux switch is basically just communicating back to the main switch which does all "the work". I don't know what you mean by a control yellow wire... none of my switches had a yellow wire.

Basically, you hook them up the same as to a single switch, except now you have a traveler wire (goes between the two switches) that you connect to the brown/white wire on the switches.
Thanks for all the help. Your explanations helped me alot.

Sometimes I wish there were standards for all this junk and there would not be any more confusion.