UPB Brands


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I notice in the discussions on UPB that the HAI branded switches don't get mentioned much. Is anybody using them?

In fact, a summary of the different brands of UPB switches comparing features, pros and cons, etc. would really be helpful right now since I am considering using UPB for a customer and I don't even know how to spell it!

When I decided on UPB I actually ordered, installed and compared all the brands. I was going to do a nice review but my pictures got trashed and I just never did it :p I will look for some of the old links with some of the info but if you want you can PM me and I would be happy to share my experiences with them.

Edit: Here are some links with some info but probably not much meat for you.


Based on another PM I just received I guess I will just go ahead and throw out a quick synopsis but still feel free to PM me for more info.