UPB compatible with Compose PLC firewall?


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I am wondering if anyone has experience integrating new UPB devices with Lightolier Compose PLC firewalls? Since the Lightolier Firewalls filter, and actively amplify and repeat signals I am assuming that they will simply block the "noise" generated by a UPB device? Hopefully Lightolier will offer an upgrade board that will work with UPB devices some day as I just put three of these in my house.

I have searched Lightolier's site and they do not seem to have any information on compatibility (probably because UPB is fairly new). I know that I can just buy some UPB devices and try them out with my firewall but I wanted to check and see if someone had tried it before I reinvent the wheel.


Good question Mark. My thoughts are no that they are not. I'm going to test it myself as well since I have a firewall in my poolhouse and have been migrating the house to UPB.

You certainly should be able to use UPB within a firewall though.

I don't think that the UPB will blast through the firewall but I'll test it. Another challenge is that my pool house is also on a different transformer and meter....

I did have one idea though that I'm going to try. I have circuits in that pool house that are both inside and outside of the firewall. I'm thinking about way that perhaps I could "couple" a some of the circuits from inside to outside.....
The Lightolier Complose PLC Firewall is disigned to isolate (filter) each lighting circuit (breaker) and then retransmit their (X10) PLC signals on each circuit.  It effectively puts a low pass filter on each lighting circuit, blocking 'passive' communication between each circuit.
For UPB to work, passive communiation between each circuit is required, by means of a phase coupler or through the street side transformer.  Thus the Lightolier Compose PLC firewall blocks UPB and is not compatible. 
The firewall must be removed or the circuits used for UPB must be deiconnected from the firewall.
Millard Schewe
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