UPB control from .net framework



I have been searching for the availability of a .net interface for UPB devices. I'm using my ELK M1G right now, and I could use it as a 'gateway' to control my UPB devices, but I'd like something more direct. Since I do .net development, having this layer already available would be great. If there isn't one already out there, I'll probably have to create one myself.

I haven't seen any - but .net isn't interesting to me, so I tend not to notice such things. The UPB specs are open, freely downloadable and very easy to work with compared to certain other newer HA protocols. It shouldn't take more than an hour or two to get something basic up and running.
I you use or consider using xPL in your HA setup, then there is an existing gateway for UPB. You could send/receive xPL messages to control and listen to UPB activity. The extra overhead of the network messages is virtually un-noticible compared to the time it takes a light to turn on (on the order of a few milliseconds). It avoids having to code "yet another adapter interface" (something I personally have come to hate -- feels like I'm treading water when I have to write an interface that already exists, but is for a platform I can't use).

You can read about the xPL UPB support module at http://www.xpl4java.org/xPL4Java/. Don't let the fact that it's in Java throw you -- since it interfaces via xPL you do not need to know anything about java at all. Just xPL.