UPB & Elk RM

I now have my M1 contoling my x-mas lights. On at dusk off at 11:00. Realy cool. I am now trying to get RM work. I see both light switchs I have set up and I can dim and turn on and off. However if I use the switch to turn the light on or off. The status does not update in RM.

Any ideas?

Thanks Guys.

PS I have checked off the update check box next to thew status light selection in upStart.

In ElkRP under Globals 29-42 tab in the Serial Port 0 section is Transmit lighting changes checked?
Yes this is checked. I have created a new upstart network and re-programed all switches. No status update in the java or RM Clients.
Assuming you aren't using Links to control the lights, this should work. Did you configure the devices in UPstart to transmit their status (pretty sure I remembered seeing a checkbox for that).
I have set up links just to test, but I don't think the status was updated before that. I try to remove the links tonight.

Thanks Ben