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Just got back from Cleveland where UPB was working then an issue arrose. All the devices were phased then an addition was built. After construction we noticed the signal was diminished though still alligned. Also noise became a problem. One day there was alot of it then while I was there the only source I could find was the undercabinet PUC lights. What do you all do when you find noise. Does plugging in a filter anywhere in the house make a difference. I also understand that tightening the breaker box can help. All I did was make sure the noise was on the opposite phase from the UPB.

Any info you would share can help.

To date, I haven't seen noise as a problem with most installs, and occasionally when it is, it can be controlled. First I would do some searching to find the noise source. UpStart and some walkie-talkies with a helper can help. Once you find it, you can either chose to replace it, or build a low-pass filter to isolate it. To start, I would try an X-10 in-line filter because they are cheap and available. If that still doesn't work, you can build a filter with a choke and cap. The biggest problem is if the noise is OUTSIDE your house and you have no control over it. Happens occasionally but not very often.
"After construction we noticed the signal was diminished"

Could be. More wire = more impedance = lower signal levels. Did you add another breaker panel? The characteristic (transmission) impedance is affected by sub-panels. Using the Network Comm Test in UPStart can show you signal levels throughout the structure... where UPB devices are installed. We like to see signal levels of 9 or better for reliable signals. UPB will work down to a 1 but could be less than reliable below 4-6. Often signal levels are in the 20s to 40s and higher. The units are really untiles

Noise is another issue. Simply Automated will be releasing a couple of filters, wired in and plug in versions in 5A and 15A ratings. The noise could also be a poor connection. I have seen poor connections at a device create noise and signal level issues. Call me about the filters 800-630-9234 X138.