UPB local control 'overshoot'


I have noticed that when I have the option 'Report light level after rocker switch is pressed' set on my UPB switches, there is a problem with locally dimming the switch.

When I release the rocker switch at a certain level, the switch continues to dim/brighten for another second and then reverses itself and goes to the correct setting.

I see the same problem with all 15 of my Simply Automated US11's FW 2.10 & 2.11

Has anyone else noticed this and/or have a fix?

Hurray! I guess I'm not crazy. I have been saying this for months. I have not linked (no pun intended) it to the 'report light level setting', but my US240's often do the same thing. It seems to be very inconsistent. Sometimes the level bounces back, sometimes it jut overshoots and stays there. Thankfully I don't do local dimming often or it may really bug me. Don't know if the is an SAI only issue or common to all UPB.

Martin, I know you say you've never seen this, but maybe you and Jim can test SAI vs HAI or PCS and see if you can reproduce. The key may be the setting Frank pointed out.
AutomatedOutlet said:
I'll do some testing this morning to try to recreate that.
Let me know if you need more information. FYI - I'm the same 'frankdr' that comes over and bends your ear every so often (frankdr is my customer login on the AO site)

In fact, I need to buy some more stuff soon. I may come by and see you before too long. :)

I also noticed the shorter the 'default fade rate' is set, the more noticable it is.