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I have about 30 UPB switches that I'm will need to program. I'm wondering if there is an easy way to do this without dealing with the breaker box.

I'm thinking that I could cut the end off of an extension cord and have a simple light bulb fixture. I could wire them and the switch to be programmed quickly using wire nuts. Once connected, plug into an outlet and program using UPStart.

Am I missing anything?

Cut off the end of an extension cord. You don't even need a light unless you want to test them.
I definitely want to test them. I think I could assembly line the whole thing and have it really tested in an evening or two. That way I can hand the whole set to the electrician for installation without having to be there the whole time.

Not sure why you would need to preprogram the switches - almost seems like extra work. I use the extension cord rig to preset inlines that will be in the attic, etc. but switches I just put in the wall and program there. They still control the local load (dimming mode) without any programming, so the electrician can install them and test for DOA, etc. You can then just go program them at any time. Just another alternative...

I'd like to get all of the switches setup with the password, network ID, name and room stuff before installation. I'll worry about links later, though I might setup some of the virtual 3/4 way stuff now. That way I won't have to to each switch after install, do the 5 tap thing and runn to my office to change the programming (or drag my laptop around).

Thats cool. But you know you can do groups too - so you can put multiple switches in setup at the same time.

I'm with you. Part of maintaining WAF (at our house) is that it must being working when installed. To that end I built this fixture so I can program a whole room worth of switches/modules and see them all work (scenes and all) before they go in the house for general consumption.


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Get a walkie-talkie and a helper to walk around the house and put them in program mode while the other person sets at a PC and types in the info. Its easier than programming and somehow labeling them all, and hoping the electrician puts the correct switch in at the right point. UPStart can even find switches that aren't in program mode, but then unfortunately you don't know which switch is where.

Of 45 switches, I only had one be bad.
not sure i understand what all the fuss is baout. The switches do work when installed even before programming. They work like a normal switch.

Unless you build some rig that u will likely use once or twice or wire up one switch at a time and removing it after it's programmed, there is no way to program them the way you want.

What's the big deal about the laptop? You can do whole rooms at once, or whatever is visible from a certain point. Not like you have to go to each individual switch and plug into it to program it.

Maybe I am way off on what you wanted to do, but sounds about right.
I'd like to get all of the switches setup with the password, network ID, name and room stuff before installation.

If you are trying to save time and hassel, I beleive the hassel of programming them one at a time will be worse than programming the switches room by room after they are installed.

You can save the most time by anticipating your links ahead of time and doing as much of that as possible during the first programming. I have installed in 9000sq ft homes with the computer in a central location.

Below is somthing I posted a few weeks ago about local programming after the switches have been added to links:

Just set up the laptop in a central location. When I install, I usually install all the switches in a room, put them all in setup, and let UPstart find them all at once. Then I set the room name, device name(I may have to send a blink signal from upstart to conferm which unit i am programming) and ID# (I sort the ID# by room in the opening page of UPstart). Then I set all of the transmits and Receives to what you think you will like. (It saves time if you have your links setup before programming switches) Then send the program to the switch.

Later, I tweak the scenes using the "local scene programming" procedure.

Local scene programming:

1. Press a button that activates the link you want to modify
2. Adjust the dim levels/on/off for the devices in the link that you want to change
3. press the original button 7 times and watch all of the loads flash
4. All loads are now programmed to the new settings.

There are 2 concerns with this procedure:

1. Be sure to remember which scene button you are modifying. If you press the wrong button 7 times you will change the wrong scene.

2. After this process you will need to update UPstart with the new settings.

To update Upstart:

Do a Network Varify.... you will notice that several devices will have minor differences.....click on each device box in the grid one at a time. Upstart will query that device again and ask you if you want the old UPstart program or the new program in the switch. Sellect the program from the switch and move on to the next device. This can be a pain when you have a lot of changes. I have talked to Simply Automated folks about getting a "Yes to All" feature in this procedure.

Hope you find this helpfull,