UPB SA UMI-32 Configuration


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I needed a group of LV lights to only come on after sunset and only with the Party scene. As an example the Party scene is turned on to light the inside of the house but it is not yet sunset. I do not want the garden lights on until Sunset. I used a SA UMI-32 (3 input+2 output) module.


I created a Testing Room in Upstart and created this application.
I have attached an image of the UPStart configuration for the UMI and 3 devices to operate only if 2 conditions are met.
I used single strands of Cat5 wire to jumper terminals on the UMI.
Terminal 1 to 9
Terminal 2 to 3
Terminal 4 to 10

Terminals 1 and 2 close when the unit receives Sunset link activate on Channel 1
Terminals 3 and 4 close when the unit receives Party mode link Activate on Channel 2
Terminals 9 and 10 Transmit a UPB link activate (Test group link) when a dry contact closer is made and deactivates the link when either of the conditions are deactivated. The circuit also deactivates when the All off link is received by channel 2
Yes, this could be done with a central controller, however this house does not have one, only local control touchpads and a SA Timer Scheduler