UPB Solution for Switched Outlets

Jim Doolittle

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All the wall switches in our 4 bedrooms and living room are double gang with one switch controlling a series of switched outlets in the respective room. I plan on replacing the switches that control overhead lighting but am unsure what to do with the switches for the switched outlets.

The cheapest/easiest solution would be to simply use UPB lamp or appliance modules in the unswitched portion of the outlets and keep the existing non-HA switch.

Any other ideas?
It depends what you're trying to accomplish. Do you need that second switch location freed up? If not, you can either do nothing, use modules like you said, or you could replace that second switch with a UPB switch to automate the outlet. If you need that spot for something else, you can replce the outlet (or just jumpers) and use modules in either port and then use the second gang location for whatever you want.
Replacing the switches to the switched outlets with UPB switches would require switches rated at 1500W wouldn't it? Assuming someone might plug in a vaccum cleaner or hair dryer.

If you just connect the line and load wires from the 2nd switch together, the outlets would be fully powered and the load will be carried by the wires.

You can wire in a US11-30 in the dumb switch's place and a UPB outlet in each room if you still need a switched outlet. The outlet will be controlled by link and will be 1/2 hot and 1/2 switched. The cost is almost the same as the appliance module but you will have a much neater installation.

Since the switch is only tapped from the power source, as long as you do not connect the outlets to the load wire of the switch you will not be subject to the 900 watt limit of the switch. Just cap the load wire off.

Or you con make any of them a US2-40 and have a master controller with up to 8 rocker functions for any links that you have established in the house.

Got a US2-40 and a US11-30 sitting around. May try that now. Same circuit already has a lamp module that came with UPB starter kit so I should be able to try this. I agree on the cleaner look of UPB outlets and will go that route as I add more.

These double gangs have mud rings that are not fun to alter to get the UPB switches to fit but I have gotten good at modifying them with a dremel.
If I am interpreting what you are suggesting correctly, you have twice the cost (UPB Outlet plus a UPB switch to send it links). Sometimes I wish both outlets in my UPB outlet were controlled. If you just use the relay switch you are only putting in 1 UPB device and still have full manual and automatic control of the standard outlet which you can choose to make 1 outlet or both easily. Options, options...
I ended up using a US2-40 and a normal light switch in the double gang. Bought a several switch plates (for doing same scenario in other locations) that would fit that combo. Will use US2-40 with multi-button faceplate to control other UPB or X10 (indirectly via HomeSeer event) devices in room. The normal switch will control the switched portion of the outlet. As I replace some outlets with UPB, then I may dummy that switch.
Keep in mind that PCS has a 2-channel module as well HERE.

Not sure if you are looking for something like that.

That PCS module will likely be one of several options I will consider when I start wanting to control items via the US2-40 rather than manual control via normal switch. Thanks.