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I am starting to mix PCS Lighting switches with Simply Automated switches and I think I am getting into trouble. Will a PCS Lighting PCS SSR3 remote control switch control the remote only portion of a Simply Automated UFR fixture relay, or do I have to use a Simply Automated USR switch? TIA.
Yes, the PCS remote witch will work with SAI masters. SAI people say you will need to reveirse the Hot and neutral on the remote switch when connected to SAI switches. Has to do with the master seeing a Hi or a Low.

MAY HAVE SPOKE TOO SOON. Masters will work with slaves as I have stated above but Im not sure if it will work with a UFR

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I am checking the documentation on SA's website. I think it will work, Just need to reverse the black and white wires on the slave switch. It will not hurt anything to hook it up wrong, it will just won't work unless it is wired up "backwards" This is just when connecting non SAI slaves to SAI switches only

I suggest you talk to Brad or Ken at Simply Automated if you have any problems. They are there Mon-Fri 9 to 5 California time. Phone #is 1-800-630-9234

After checking the documentation Here I am sure it will work just fine. I have not seen or heard of any incompatibilitys between brands of UPB devices. The only concern I pointed out is that the SAI switches want to see a differnet state from the slave switches. So as I stated above you can use the PCS slave with the SAI UFD but you will have to reverse the hot and neutral on the slave.

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I'll give Brad or Ken a call. My PCS slave switch has a grey/black/yellow/bare wire combination. Black is hot, grey is neutral, bare is ground and yellow is the traveler. Where did you find reference to having to reverse the hot and neutral?
It is not published anywhere, I guess because it crosses manufactures. Ken or Brad told me when I was asking similar questions.
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What Incompatibility?
I spoke with Ken at Simply Automated. Bottom line is that the Powerline Control Systems PCS SSR3 slave is not compatible with the Simply Automated SA UFR. Those who are beginning UPB installations beware of mixing manufacturers.
Bottom line

You got the corporate response. Everything I have stated above is true and accurate. If you do not want to try it, get a SAI remote and do it that way.

As to Incompatibility between manufacturers of UPB products; it is interesting that it is often the case that when a problem or concern is posted on one of these forums, that many people post "that's happened to me" or "I have had a similar problem." This happens a lot with a certain other "New" protocol; you see it by the large number of threads.

I noticed that no one else has posted on this thread any incompatibility problems with cross utilization of manufacturers of UPB products. I'm sure there must be some out there?????

I have used PCS and SAI products mixed with no problems. I have heard similar statements from others that have used HAI with SAI. It is nice to install a switch (any manufacturer) and have Upstart see it, program it, and "It just works." I know that a lot of work goes into keeping Upstart current with the new products and new features that each of the manufacturers require.

We all should be thanking ourselves for sellecting this protocol instead of Ins.....
and that our problems have been tiny compaired to those poor folks over there.

I agree with you 100%. Ken talked about reversing the neutral and hot and then made a decision to say they are not compatible. That switching by using a slave should be specified in the UPB protocol. Any slave should be compatible with any switch, UFR, UFD, etc. from any manufacturer. I have decided to rip out the PCS slave and replace it with a US2-40. I'll control the load with the built in switch and have link options for the future. Thanks for your help.
I was talking to Ken this AM. He commented that the slave is not really a UPB switch, but only a remote that gives us the ability to do 3 way.
I would guess that the Hi/low difference between SAI and other manufacturers was just an oversite during development, but it would be cost prohibitive to change it now for such a low cost, low volume switch.
On one hand it is nice to be able to choose a device from any manufacturer, and for the most part you can and it will work. The issue for me is that all the manufacturers use different size/color/brightness LEDs and different methods of engaging the air gap. So, from an operation perspective I would not be too concerned and if I needed a lighted multibutton, I know I could use the HAI or PCS, but from an aesthetic point of view it is difficult to mix and match manufacturers, at the very least in the same room or common areas. Heck, there are even differences in LEDs within the same brand from model to model. If there were a standard for LEDs and colors, it would make it much easier to cross manufacturers but otoh I guess it is nice to have a choice. There just is not a single good answer.