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UPB UMC Problem


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Can anyone tell me what 3 red followed by 1 green repeating LED sequence means?

My 1 week old UMC was working perfectly, until tonight when I decided to try programming some switches. When I started UPStart, it told me it couldn't see a couple of switches. I checked the interface signal to see what was going on and it showed no signal and max noise.

I went to look at the UMC and then checked the signal meter again and it would no longer communicate with the UMC and it is flashing the above sequence.

I was really starting to love this stuff until this happened.

Anyone have any clues?



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Try resetting the UMC to factory settings.
5 clicks (setup mode)on the reset button, then
10 clicks(factory reset), then
2 clicks to exit setup mode.

Then try it.
See if that helps


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Thanks for the reply. I did try that. The unit doesn't respond to it at all.

I have unplugged it overnight and I will try it again shortly.

Otherwise, Simply Automated will be open in a couple of hours :lol: