UPB User Interface Options


UDI makes the ISY-26 which is a standalone programmer and interface for Insteon. The ISY-26 is on you LAN and you access it from any computer in your LAN and even from the internet when away from home. From following the potential upgrades for the system, one possible upgrade to the unit would be to have 2 different types of user interfaces available, one the current admin type interface where you can both program and control anything on the Insteon network. The 2nd potential user interface would be a user interface lacking programming access. This would be nice so that the SO and kids could have access to control anything on the network without making any programming changes.

The question:
What are the options for UPB? Are any or all of those features available for UPB in one device? Most specifically, once the UPB network is up and running smoothly, what is available to make the UPB network LAN accessible to the family without being able to alter the links? I seem to recall reading that UDI may have been working on an ISY-26 for UPB. Is that a dead project?
Web Mountain has a Lenox running operating sysytem server that drives UPB with internet access. I am not sure if there's a child lock out from changing programs but kids would have to be pretty savy to do so. The problem you may have is if there's an Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in your area you may have to go through them to get one.

Great guys and awesome tech support.
It sounds to me like you just want a simple HA package with a UPB driver. That would give you full user control of the system without giving and MAC capability.
I guess the answer is that no one makes a standalone browser interface for UPB and it is time for me to start looking at home control/cross platform controllers. I suppose the learning curve and WAF will be enhanced by adding the cross platform control first so the interface will be consistent if and when I add more control.

Of course this means more research which isn't in the time-budget at the moment. Care to point me at some good research/product comparison starting places?