UPB with Slave problems


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I'm a little stumped here guys and I'm hoping one of you guru's can help me out.

I received a few UPB devices this week (Thanks Martin!). The device in question is a U2-40 and a USR remote unit. Both with single rocker faces.

I've had it in a hundred different configs, but dumbed it all down to this for troubleshooting.

Main Screen

Receive Page

Transmit Page

I hope those include all the relevant information. What happens currently is the main switch (U2-40) is able to turn the load on and off with no problem. However the slave/remote (USR) can only turn off the load - up paddle does nothing.

Just for testing a did a 5 tap on both top and bottom on the slave and only the bottom kicked the main switch into setup mode. This alone might imply that the top contact on the slave/remote was bad.

So for giggles I swapped the face on the master to a single rocker/4 button model and changed the config to that face. I made no other changes and even changed the action on the rocker to simple Link Activate/Deactivate just like when I had the single rocker on there. Now, with this setup, the master switch functions properly, however the slave will not turn on or off the load. But, get a load of this, in this state I can tap 5 times up or down on the slave and the master goes into setup (and flashes the load).

I'm lost, but suspect I have a bad slave. What am I missing??


PS: I have changed out the master with no change, however I don't have a 2nd slave to test with......

PSS: I almost forgot, if I Factory Reset the switch (5 tap, 10 tap, 2 tap) - then both the master and slave can control the load. However as soon as I add the switch into my network, the above begins....
Perhaps you have a defective slave switch or the paddle isn't seated correctly. The slave switch doesn't even come into the programming. All programming is to the master.

Do you want me to send you another one?
That is what I thought Martin, but the strange thing is, I just Factory Reset the thing and both paddles (master and slave) work as you would expect.

Maybe I should try a new slave. I've done so much now to troubleshoot that I can't recall what order I did my troubleshooting. I was just thinking that tonight I may try replacing master again just to see....

Something strange goin' on here......
As Martin said, all programming is done to the Master (the slave isn't even seen by the software) - so my guess (and that's all it is) is that the slave is bad or there is a wiring issue (assuming swapping the master doesn't affect anything)
Thanks guys. I have to assume the wiring is good because the switch works as it should when factory reset. I'm ordering a new slave to see what that does....

PS: I did swap the master to no avail.....
Now I'm frustrated. I had truly hoped that the problem was with the slave, but my new one came and I'm getting the same issue.

So, to recap key points of the issue:
  • Master works as it should
  • Slave can only turn the switch off, on does not work.
  • Both work as they should if the master is factory reset (10-5-2 taps)
  • I've changed both master and slave
Here are some pics that may help. The new ones are Master1 & 2 and Slave1&2 in an attempt to show my wiring. I thought the wiring was good (see bullet 3) but at this point I'll try anything.....

Any advice/ideas out there?
After a brief chat with Wayne and Martin in the chat room I believe the issue has to somehow be related to my wiring. So I traced out all the wire involved and drew crude drawings of it.

This drawing is the raw wiring. In this shot it is un connected and it's kinda readable.....

This is how I put it together. Unfortunately it is a bit difficult to read.....

Also, for those who don't know the details of these switches you can find the docs here....

Thanks in advance for the help guys!

The black/hot feed has to be at the master switch. The load can be connected at either end. Since it works with the switches in factory default configuration, but not after configuring with UPstart, I think it is something deeper. I suggest contacting SAI.
My 2¢... It could be the master, the US2-40. Since you have already replaced the USR it is either the US2 or your wiring. If you have a voltage meter there are a couple of quick measurements to take.

Dangle the US2 out of the wall... put a piece of paper on the wall to protect the paint. First put the meter in AC mode and measure between Remote 1 and Neutral. You should see 120 VAC. If the 120 is present that rules out the US2-40. Now put the meter in DC mode and have someone hold the top of the USR. The top should produce about 54 Vdc, the bottom -54 Vdc. You will not see the dc voltage unless the 120 Vac is present since that voltage "powers" the USR.

The master could be working fine with local load control and transmitting and receiving but have a poor internal connection to remote 1, or the remote 1 and remote 2 wires could be reversed inside the US2-40... rare, but both are possible.

I have not read all the threads thoroughly but... a recap of proper installation. The Master (US1 or US2) must be installed in the box with the Line or Hot. Typically one box has Line the other box has the wires to the Load and both boxes have the 3 conductors running between the boxes. Typically those three are black, red and black or black, red and white. They should be wired respectively to load, remote 1(or brown/white) and neutral at the US2(1) and brown, brown/white and neutral at the USR.
I want to say 2 things. First and foremost - UPBSeer (who works for SAI) is awsome. I e-mailed him over the weekend referencing this thread for details. He looked it over and sent me basically what he said above first thing this morning.

For clarification I think the problem was twofold. When I started the thread I had the slave miswired. I mean badly miswired and I'm lucky I didn't let the smoke out. The second was I had somehow put the red traveler in Remote2 instead of Remote1 on the master. DUH!

I greatly appreciate everyones help on this one. My gut said it had to be something simple. At least we got some good info on the workings/troubleshooting of slave UPB switches.