UPB572 Pre-Orders


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We have been beta testing the WGL UPB572 which is essentially the V572 with UPB output instead of X10. It uses any standard X10 RF remote and works excellent.

The software is very easy to use, simply map the X10 code to the UPB link of your choice and you are done.

I have just been offered the first run of these and thought I would open the pre-orders to the cocoon tech users first. I don't even have them on our site or in our database yet.

So, if you are interested give us a quick call, or email and we will reserve one of our pre-order units for you.

email is [email protected]
phone is 1-800-843-9103 x101

Don't forget the standard Cocoontech member discount code is "Cocoon" for a 7.5% discount.

Price btw is $97.95 before the discount, this unit does not include a UPB PIM.

Feel free to call me with any questions.
I've been working with Warren on this design and he is aware of the desire for the security codes. I did provide the decode logic, but my feeling is that it will not make it into the units. The problem with security codes is that they are randomly generated so there is a process of learning and then retaining the learned information after the user associates a UPB action with the security code.
I wish there was an easy mod that would allow us to integrate a watch battery or something, just for memory (I don't care if the unit dies, and needs new batteries before working again). Anyways, thanks for the offer Ralph, It should appeal to people who want to use the cheaper X10 remotes, but don't have an Elk M1/W800RF setup and don't want to depend on a PC.
As Michael already has said, they currently can't do security codes (it would be nice to convince Warren to just leave an open field for the string so it can be inserted like the ELK allows you to do with the W800).

As for specs, it works just like the original WGL antennas, except the software maps only incoming X10 standard signals to UPB links.