Upcoming Security/HA install - ELK


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I'm building a house and am getting close to starting my low voltage prewire. I've got the tel/net/cable wiring diagram done, but the security system has thus far been elusive due to my inexperience. I'm hoping you can help.

Controller: either a M1EZ8 or M1Gold. I'm trying to figure out just what the differences are and more importantly what they really mean to me.

Question #1 (primary question) - Windows that can't be drilled. My Millgard windows cannot be drilled without voiding the warranty. I know I can install glass breaks but I would sure like a contact. Is there anyway to do this (or achieve the same basic function using another technology) without going to an exposed contact? Conversely, are there exposed contacts that hard to see? What about

Question #2 - Is there a standard wire I should pull to all locations (glass breaks, motion sensors, smoke alarms, etc)? I will run a search on this but thought I would ask all the same.

Question #3 - The monitoring company I will probably use uses a GE ITI systems. Are Elk products compatible, (thought I would double check to see if this is the case)?

I will give all those a read tonight.

As far as contacts, are there beam break sensors available or induction sensors that can be used instead of contacts? If they are out there and reliable, maybe you could recess a ir emitter in the winow sill about 3/4 of the way up the window opening and reflect it off the opposite sill. If the beam breaks, the alarm is triggered. Alternativley, what if the window opening was wrapped in a charged wire and if the the field charge changed (due to somebody climbing through the window) the alarm would be triggered. Are these options available?

Well, you could always get components to make something like that. Now that I'm thinking about it I believe there might have been a thread about something like this. Maybe another member can contribute more!

How many windows do you have?
Windows that can't be drilled. My Millgard windows cannot be drilled without voiding the warranty.
Another option might be to use Rare Earth Magnets instead of drilling 3/4" magnets into the window.

The monitoring company I will probably use uses a GE ITI systems. Are Elk products compatible
ITI is a manufacturer of a lot of security devices that are under the GE umbrella. Elk is compatible with the GE/ITI wireless devices. I didn't know the ITI was in the monitoring business but the Elk is compatible with most standard monitoring formats.
So how are these magnets used/mounted? I don't understand how they get me around drilling the window or sash. Well, maybe I wasn't clear on that. The only holes Millgard allows to kepp the warranty intact are those created by the nails driven through the nailer to affix the window to the house.

These can make it so you don't have to drill through the window (by gluing them) but you will still have to drill through the sill or frame.
Another option for you may be to use wired screens. I have them on my single and double hung windows and they work great. In my install they did drill a small hole in the frame but it is probably possible to install without drilling.
OK, those look pretty good then based on this information I just verified with Milgard. Apparently, I can actually drill the frame on the side of the window, just not all the way through. There is a vinyl layer (which the sash rides against), a void, then another vinyl layer which forms the outside of the frame. I'm hoping/guessing this void is accessible from the bottom, or maybe I can drill into the void at the bottom of the wind then fish the wire up to the hole drilled for the contact sensor.

Anyways, it does bring up one other question. If I am able to use contact sensors, I is it still advisable to use a glass breaks in addition?

I got lost on your method of managing to wire these windows without drilling, but I can tell you to use glass breaks along with monitoring the window's open/close. Look at it this way, a person with a crowbar smashes all the glass out of your window and just "crawls through it" never opening it.

I also use motion sensors throughout the house.
I'm thinking about ditching my napco gemini system for an Elk EZ8. I would like to go for the gold...but I'm a bit on the broke side. Does anyone have the EZ8 and regretted that they didn't go for gold?