Upgrading a Linux 32 Gb mSATA to a 240 Gb mSATA


Just an FYI here relating to upgrading a 32 Gb mSATA to a 240 Gb mSATA on an Ubuntu 20.04 OS computer for a new automation computer.
1 - Hardware:  Jetway HBJC420U591W--3160-B  NUC sized automation server that included 4Gb of RAM and a 32Gb mSATA drive.
      Micro is a Fanless Intel® Celeron N3160 SoC, 1.60GHz – 2.24GHz Burst, Quad-Core, 6W TDP, with AES-NI support
2 - Upgraded 4 Gb SODIMM to 8 Gb SODIMM
3 - Upgraded 32 Gb mSATA to 240 Gb mSATA 
4 - 64Gb USB stick
1 - boot up with Ubuntu 20.04 boot / install USB ISO which lets you install OS or run OS and install it later.
2 - Plug in 64 Gb USB stick
3 - using GParted write 32Gb mSATA image to 64 Gb USB stick - power down PC and remove cover (4 screws).
4 - remove 32Gb mSATA and replace with new 240Gb mSATA - reinstall cover on PC
5 - boot up with Ubuntu 20.04 boot / install ISO
6 - using GParted write USB image to 240 Gb mSATA.
7 - expand 32Gb partition to 240 Gb partition
The Intel NUC sized micro computer will be used for automation running a base of Ubuntu 20.04, Homeseer 4, Home Assistant (old/new HASSIO) and Oracle Virtual Box.  Mostly being used to run MQTT.  A Windows 7E VB will be utilized for this or that.
I have a similiar box called the Beelink BT3 Pro (a bit faster) with 4 Gb of RAM which has been running automation now for maybe 2 years.
The is replacing a Pine64 2Gb computer which has done well except for trashing the SD card and not being able to run Oracle Virtual Box.
Completed the update from the 32Gb mSATA drive to a 240Gb mSATA drive using a 64 Gb USB 2.0 stick.
Slow to write the image to the USB stick and fast to write the USB stick image to the 240Gb mSATA drive.
Had already installed Homeseer 4 Lite, Home Assistant, MQTT, Webmin and a Windows 7e Virtual box on the 32Gb mSATA drive.  
All looks good. 

I still am running the Automation there on a Pine64 2Gb computer and transferring all configurations to this new computer.
Update #2
Pushing on the Celeron CPU now with a Windows Virtual box.   Seems a tad too slow running with Homeseer and Home Assistant on it using an embedded (very lite) Windows now.

Really see it running slow running an ASPX page in Mono Linux.
The Beelink BT3 Pro did much better except that it only had 4 Gb of RAM.  This Jetway has a more commercial build to it than the Beelink.
The Jetway J1900 seems faster too.