UPS Indicator question


OK, I have UPB working with the software and I am configuring links. However, something so simple is driving me crazy :p

This is all I want to do. I have a 6 room HAI keypad. Hit the on button and the on button lights up and the lights come on..great Now I hit the off button....I want the on button to shut off. I have the lights responding to what I want them to do, its just the keypads are not doing what I want them to do.

I was not choosing an indicator seeing if that would help. Not. I was trying to deactivate the link, but I cannot get it to do what I want.

ANy ideas???
Sorry for the UPS, my bad.. Anyway I have been able to get them to respond using the Receive components under edit device, however I still can't get it to work right. Also what do the groups 1,2,3,4 mean?

Boy this indicator thingy is strange
I have an 8 button HAI but assume (dangerous) they work the same. There were lots of configuration options inside Upstart. You can have the lights do all sorts of things based on link statuses (that's the groups - based on buttons, you can turn on/off various keypad lights).

To get the keypad light to work, I created a link. I tied that link to the button. I told the link what lights to turn on/off. I told the button how to behave (on with 1 push, off with 1 push). I left the groups alone (no need to change them).

Best I can remember, that's the process. If you can't get it, let me know and I'll try to walk through it with the software in front of me.