UR86A and CM19A


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I have owned this remote for about 7 months now, and its pretty decent. I just set-up some devices yesterday, and am able to control all of them from this one remote (except the ninja pan n' tilt base). The only problem I have with this is that I can't figure out how to have it control different house codes. I have not tried the software that is sold with the remote, but other users have been very happy with it.

x10 remote

The thread is now at 13 pages, but you can get the gist just by skimming the first few. Plus, you can see how I really feel about it (my first post).

You should be able to find the manual at x10.com, it should tell you how to control other housecodes, I forgot what the instructions for my universal 6in1/x10 remote were, but it was possible for sure.
I got a bunch of the X10 remotes. What is the model number or description, I can get you the sequence to change the housecode.

Remember: You can only control 1 house code. Also, you will need an additional RF Receiver set to the new housecode.
This particular remote is not mentioned on their site as it was discontinued before it was even released. I do have the manual around here somewhere though.....

Nope, I was wrong. All I can find is the Ir code list. Hmmm, I bet it will be set-up like their other remotes, so if anyone has a similar remote, please let me know how they work. Granted I could just fiddle with it until i figure it out, now that I know its possible.


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Remember: You can only control 1 house code. Also, you will need an additional RF Receiver set to the new housecode.

Well, if thats the case, I may just leave it alone and have my lights in the living room on house A. I was hoping to be able to hit the x10 button, then the letter B, to control devices on house code "B" and the like, but if it can only control one house code at a time, Ill just work with it. But if you come across any info, the remote model is UR86A. The receiver is CM19A.
Here's the sequence for the 8 in 1 Learning and 6 in 1 Lighted remote:
-Press and release the X10 button
-Press and hold the Setup button until the LED lights steady
-Release the Setup button
-Use the number buttons to enter the number equivalent to the House Code A=1, B=2, C=3 etc.
-Press Enter, the LED turns off

Thanks Joe. That was the ticket. Too bad I have to go through the entire sequence to get it to work, but at least it works.